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Eco 1 Multifuel Stove.

Eco 1 Multifuel Stove

Eco 2 Multifuel Stove.

Eco 2 Multifuel Stove

Eco 4 Multifuel Stove

Eco 4 Multifuel Stove

Eco 6 Multifuel Stove

Eco 6 Multi fuel stove

The Eco-Ideal Range

Lowering your environmental Impact. Concerned about your carbon footprint? Take action. The Eco-Ideal range of fires offer efficient home heating - with minimal environmental impact, with test results to prove it.

Ready For the Future. The Eco-Ideal range has been designed with significantly lower emissions than traditional multi-fuel stoves. Certificated by European experts to be exempt from the Clean Air Act, every eco-Ideal stove is permissible in Smoke Controlled areas.

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Small Stoves (3-5 kW)

Eco Inset 5 (Nominal 4.9kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco Inset 5 achieves an impressive efficiency of 77.1% along with very low emissions. With the new high efficiency convection system the clearance distances around the fire allow you to put the stove into your existing wood surround.

Heat Output Range: 3kW - 5kW

Eco 1 (Nominal 4.6kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 1 is a compact stove with a depth of only 363mm so it will fit on your hearth, but it still has all the technology you expect eco-ideal Cleanburn system for efficient burning and a hot air wash for cleaner glass.

Heat Output Range: 3.5kW - 5.5kW Height: 551mm (21¾") Width: 454mm (18") Depth: 363mm (15¼")

Eco 2 (Nominal 4.6kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 2 is a hard working stove it produces a heat output range of 3.5kW to 7kW thanks to eco ideal Cleanburn technology.

Heat Output Range: 3.5kW - 7kW Height: 551mm (21¾") Width: 454mm (18") Depth: 398mm (15¾;")

Eco 3 (Nominal 4.6kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 3 is the perfect combination of style and technology, it radiates charm with a heat output range of 3kW to 5kW.

Heat Output Range: 3kW - 5kW Height: 566mm (22¼") Width: 438mm (17¼") Depth: 332mm (13")

Eco 4 Slimline (Nominal 4.9kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 4 Slimline is the solution of having a narrow hearth that is a common problem in many homes. You can load the fuel bed with smokeless fuel or 16" logs and enjoy a generous heat output of 3.5kW to 6.5kW.

Heat Output Range: 3.5kW - 6.5kW Height: 563mm (22¼") Width: 546mm (21½") Depth: 346mm (13½")

Eco 5 (Nominal 4.4kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 5 is not just a design statement, with striking looks and a larger glass area for a better view of the fire it is also 80% efficient. It has a heat output range of 4kW to 6kW.

Heat Output Range: 4kW - 6kW Height: 565mm (22¼") Width: 488mm (19¼") Depth: 374mm (14¾")

Medium Stoves (6-8 kW)

Eco Inset 8 (Nominal 6kW)      (DEFRA approved)

The Eco inset 8 has been designed as a large inset stove that will deliver 5 to 8kW to keep you warm and cosy.

Heat Output Range: 5kW - 8kW

Eco 6 (Nominal 5.6kW)       (DEFRA approved)

The Eco 6 is the biggest of the eco range and has an impressive heat output range of 5kW to 8kW and still meets the Clean Air Act. Load it up and enjoy a cosy fire with low emisions and efficeincy of 78%.

Heat Output Range: 5kW - 8kW Height: 563mm (22¼") Width: 544mm (21½") Depth: 406mm (16")


All Eco-Ideal stoves incorporate:

Air Wash System:
Hot Airwash Technology does the work for you. A 'Secondary Air' wash maintains a stream of hot air between fuel and door, reducing the build-up of carbon deposits on the glass.

Optimum Wood Burning Conditions:
The Tripleburn technology improves the ignition of the fuel, with a jet of air directed into the heart of the fire. When the grate is in the closed position, creating a flat base, it allows a deep bed of ash to build up - these are the optimum conditions for burning wood. Competitors stoves have a fixed grate system meaning the wood embers fall through the grate which means constant refueling.

Optimum Solid Fuel Burning Conditions:
When burning Smokeless fuel, the grate is moved to the open position by a single turn of the handle. 'Primary Air' is then directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire ensuring a clean, efficient burn.

A Dust Free Safe and Easy Riddling System:
By simply moving the riddling tool up and down which moves the grate open and closed the stove riddles safely with the minimum of effort. This is undertaken with the doors closed and is completely dust free.

CleanBurn Technology
CLEANBURN is their innovative new technology - its not just better for the stoves, it is also better for the environment. The idea behind Cleanburn is to maximize combustion, so that more fuel is burnt and less is turned into deposits in the stove, chimney or atmosphere. Their Cleanburn stoves have been proven to have lower emissions, which make them among the most eco-friendly models on the market.

CE Tested and Approved
All the stoves in the Eco-Ideal range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements.


DEFRA Clean Air Act
If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area, the Clean Air Act prevents you from emitting smoke from your chimney - with offenders facing a fine up to 1000. This means you're usually only able to burn authorised smokeless fuels.

However, the eco-ideal range is not like ordinary stoves. They smoke so little that in October 2011 DEFRA declared them exempt from the Clean Air regulations.

This means that you can use eco-ideal to burn wood even if you live in a Smoke Controlled Area. The eco -ideal's built-in technology ensures that emissions are consistently low.


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