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Consort 4 Woodburning Stove.

Consort 4 woodburning Stove

Consort 5 Woodburning Stove.

Consort 5 woodburning Stove

Compact 5
Woodburning Stove

Compact 5 Woodburning Stove

Slimline 5
Multifuel Stove

Slimline 5 multifuel Stove

Derwent Woodburning Stove

Derwent Woodburning Stove

Consort Inset Multifuel Stove.

Consort inset multifuel Stove

Consort 7 Woodburning Stove.

Consort 7 woodburning Stove

Consort 9 Woodburning Stove.

Consort 9 woodburning Stove

Consort 15 Woodburning Stove.

Consort 15 woodburning Stove

Consort 7 Double Sided Stove.

Consort 7 Double sided Stove

The Parkray Range

Parkray has been the leading name in solid fuel stoves for more than a century... The innovations in their Consort range - like the ‘Cleanburn’ and ‘Airwash’ systems - are the results of continual product development. Their engineers work from the factory in Devon to test new systems designed to reduce environmental impact and conserve heat for better efficiency. Parkray has pioneered research and development for more than a century, and will continue to do so.

150 years of heritage

Parkray has been producing heating components since 1850. Originally known as ‘Park Foundry’, the company quickly become the leading name in solid fuel appliances. Today, Parkray is based near Exeter in Devon. They are still developing innovative features for solid fuel heating - they are still building every stove to the highest standards - and they are still leading the way in solid fuel and wood burning heating.

Their latest range of solid fuel stoves is built on a 30-year heritage. Think of all you’ve come to expect of your wood-burning stove - Parkray’s new Consort meets and exceeds them. How? Because their designers have incorporated innovative solutions to make this range their best ever. The Consort burns warmer, emits fewer fumes, and needs less cleaning than old-fashioned wood-burning stoves.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, multi-fuel or wood burning stove to fit into a small space, or a family-sized wood-burner to heat water and home, you’ll find it at Parkray.

Wood burning stoves are very popular as wood is plentiful.

Wood burning Stoves

Small Stoves (3-5 Kw)

Consort 4 (4 Kw) - The Consort 4 is a compact stove for intimate settings. Its stylish outline and eco-friendly credentials make it very popular. Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise on your stove.

Consort 5 (5 Kw) - The Consort 5 is a big designer statement. Sleek and chic, it’s perfect for aspiring decorators. (DEFRA approved).

Compact Consort 5 (5 Kw) - The Compact Consort 5 is Compact, not compromised. The Compact Consort 5 has all the glamour and features of a full-sized model - but it fits in better. And you know what they say about small packages. The Compact Consort is a truly clever piece of engineering. It boasts the full range of features: nothing has been stripped out.

Consort Slimline 5 (5 Kw) - The Consort Slimline 5 is trimmed down to fit small spaces. (DEFRA approved) Specially designed with a shallower fuel bed, the Slimline 5 will fit into a smaller hearth.

Consort Slimline 9 (5 Kw) - The Consort Slimline 9 is a slender model has a surprising capacity. Pack it with 20'' (500mm) logs, and enjoy a little longer between refuelling. Time for bed? Reduce the airflow and the flames die to a gentle flicker, maintaining gentle heat until morning.

Medium Stoves (6-8 Kw)

Consort 7 (7 Kw) - The Consort 7 is Parkray's mid-range stove for busy people. (DEFRA approved) The Consort 7, like other models in the range, has timeless appeal. But beneath those old-style looks lies a truly modern stove.

Large Stoves (9-11 Kw)

Consort 9 (9 Kw) - The Consort 9 is deceptively powerful mid-weight stove. With a heat output averaging 9kW, the Consort 9 fits nicely in the middle of their range. But there’s nothing average about the performance of this workhorse. Despite its smaller stature it issues an amazing 9kW of heat, which is perfect for warming up family rooms.

Extra Large Stoves (12+ Kw)

Consort 15 (14-17 Kw) - The Consort 15 will become the heart of your home, providing a cosy spot for family gatherings and warming the largest rooms. If you’re looking for a generous stove to manage the demands of a large house or family, the Consort 15 is simply perfect. With heat output of between 14 and 17kW, it’s warm enough for even the coldest-blooded relatives!

Double-Sided Stoves

Add instant WOW factor! Warm up your stylish open-plan living space with a dramatic fire. Open on both sides, it radiates heat throughout the space, transforming your environment with flickering firelight. Choose from the Consort 4, Consort 7 and Consort 9 for your double-sided stove.

Boiler Stoves

Wraparound Boiler Options

Parkray Stoves with a factory fitted high output boiler for hot water and central heating. These are listed below with heat output to boiler and the number of modern single radiators they will run plus a tank of domestic hot water (DHW).

               BTU's              No. of Radiators           
  Consort 15   44,000   10 + DHW
  Consort 9   29,000   7 + DHW

Clip-in Stainless Steel Boiler Options

Parkray stoves can be fitted with a clip-in boiler for hot water and central heating. These are listed below with heat output to boiler and the number of modern single radiators they will run plus a tank of domestic hot water (DHW).

               BTU's              No. of Radiators           
  Consort 15   23,950   4 + DHW
  Consort 9   18,750   3 + DHW
  Consort 7   13,600   2 + DHW


All Parkray stoves incorporate:

An Air Wash System:
Their innovative airwash draws air from the top of the stove, heats it up in the central air chamber and then sends it down behind the glass door, creating a screen between the fire and the glass. Smoke or combustion particles do not come into contact with the glass, so you don't need to clean it

Optimum Wood Burning Conditions:
For efficient wood burning the hot 'airwash' is directed down the stove door and into the heart of the wood fire, this ensures complete combustion which helps keep the chimney clean. In a multi-fuel stove the grate is changed to the closed position creating a flat base, this allows the deep bed of ash to build up, the optimum for burning wood. In the wood burning only version the fire is situated on the base of the stove.

Optimum Solid Fuel Burning Conditions:
When burning coal and for easy lighting of the stove the grate is changed to the open position by a single turn of the handle. Air can then be directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire the optimum, conditions for burning solid fuel.

A Dust Free Safe and Easy Riddling System:
By simply moving the riddling tool up and down which moves the grate open and closed the stove riddles safely with the minimum of effort. This is undertaken with the doors closed and is completely dust free.

Safe and Efficient Overnight Burning:
By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout the night. When required, the fire will come to life by simply increasing the airflow into the stove.

CleanBurn Technology
CLEANBURN is their innovative new technology - its not just better for the stoves, it is also better for the environment. The idea behind cleanburn is to maximize combustion, so that more fuel is burnt and less is turned into deposits in the stove, chimney or atmosphere. Their Cleanburn stoves have been proven to have lower emissions, which makes them amoung the most eco-friendly models on the market.

CE Tested and Approved
All the stoves in the Parkray range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements.


The list of extras is extensive: Low/High canopies, Multi-fuel/Wood, Double Doors or Single Door the list goes on. See the next page for more details.

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