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Hunter Stoves recommend Dunsley Heat neutralizers for interlinking two or more boilers.

In recent years the move has been to re-open the fireplace as an alternative source of heat and to give a focal point for the room.

With this has come the realisation that a stove with a high output boiler would be very economical and versatile in use if it could be linked into the central heating system to supply or assist to supply, the entire demand for heating and domestic hot water.

In principle the requirements to link two or more boilers into one heating system is relatively easy to arrange. In practice there are physical difficulties, possible dangers, and in many cases high financial costs. The difficulties lie in linking the boilers, so that one boiler when in operation does not supply the second boiler with hot water when it is not in operation. Attempts to link boilers in domestic situations have resulted in solutions, which are either: dangerous, unnecessarily complex, expensive or a combination of all three.

The use of a Dunsley neutralizer offers a neat solution to all of the problems highlighted above.

For more information please contact:

Dunsley Heat Ltd
Bridge Mills,
Huddersfield Road,

Tel: 01484 682635

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