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Hawk 4 Flat top

Hawk Stove

Herald 4 Flat top .
Single door Stove.

Herald 4 Stove

Herald 6 Flat top
with double doors.

Herald 6 Stove

Herald 8 Stove with High Canopy
& Double Doors

Herald 8 Stove

Herald 14 Stove with Low Canopy
& Double Doors

Herald 14 Stove

Herald 14 double sided
single depth with single doors

Herald 14 Double Sided Stove

Herald 80b
Central Heating Stove

Herald 80b  Stove

The Hunter Range

Hunter Stoves Limited is one of the UK's leading stove and central heating manufacturers. Their team of engineers, fitters and welders are located just outside Exeter in mid-Devon, England, where they have been creating award winning stoves since 1996.

Hunter is renowned in the industry for its use of pioneering technology, such as Cleanburn, a system that significantly reduces the carbon emissions from a traditional stove. This makes them among the most eco-friendly models on the market.

Hunter stoves now consists of multi-fuel & wood stoves, which are all available in many different combinations to suit almost any situation traditional or modern. All stoves offer excellent heat output, which can be adjusted for individual comfort and will heat any large room.

Wood burning stoves are very popular as wood is plentiful. Alternatively the multi-fuel range of stoves provides a more flexible approach to heating your home.

They use independant testing and CE approval to ensure that their stoves reach the very highest expectations.

All Hunter stoves are extremely efficient which makes them an excellent investment.

Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves
The range includes: -

Small Stoves (3-5 Kw)

Hawk 3 & 4 (4Kw & 5 Kw) - The smallest stoves of the Hunter range. They can be squeezed into the smallest places - but these neat little stoves makes no compromise on heat output. There is no skimping on design, they have all the features of the larger stoves. Ideal for the small or average sized fireplace.

Herald 4 (5 Kw) - Aspiring interior decorators swoon over the elegant design. Choose the Herald 4 for its efficiency, its capacity, and its convenience.

Herald 5 Slimline (5 Kw) - This is a specailist wood-burning stove designed to sit on a narrow hearth.

Medium Stoves (6-8 Kw)

Herald 6 (7 Kw) - The Herald 6 is the envy of its competitors. This is because it boasts an output of up to 7 Kw, which is very high for its size. The stove has been named 'Stove of the Year'.

Herald 8 Slimline (6 Kw) - This is a specailist wood-burning stove designed to sit on a narrow hearth but can still accommodate 20'' (50cm) logs. It delivers outstanding performance in return for very little maintenance.

Herald Inglenook (7 Kw) - Designed specifically as a large low output (7 Kw) stove. Introduced to fill a niche in the market, the Inglenook solves the ultimate conundrum when faced with a large fireplace in a small room. The characterful Inglenook creates that cosy cottage feeling.

Large Stoves (9-11 Kw)

Herald 8 (11Kw) - The solid good looks of the Herald 8 along with its size, contribute to this being one of the best selling Hunter Stoves.

Extra Large Stoves (12+ Kw)

Herald 14 (15Kw) - The Herald 14 is the third largest of the Herald stoves and is capable of providing a very significant heat output. Its large size makes it particularly suitable for a big fireplace or where there is a requirement to heat a larger than average sized room. This hard working stove can be left to glow for 12 hour. It is capable of heating your home day and night.

Double-Sided Stoves

Add instant WOW factor! Warm up your stylish open-plan living space with a dramatic fire. Open on both sides, it radiates heat throughout the space, transforming your environment with flickering firelight. Choose from the Hwak 4, Herald 6, Herald 8 and Herald 14 for your double-sided stove. Each can be built with a single or double depth, giving you a larger fuel bed and even better heat output.

Boiler Stoves

Wraparound Boiler Options:

Hunter Stoves with a factory fitted high output boiler for hot water and central heating. These are listed below with heat output to boiler and the number of radiators they will run plus a tank of domestic hot water (DHW).

               BTU's              No. of Radiators           
  Herald 80B   54,000   15 + DHW
  Herald 14 (Flat, Low, High)   44,000   10 + DHW
  Herald 8 (Flat, Low, High)   29,000   7 + DHW

Herald 80B - boiler stove with an exceptional heating capacity. Developed to fulfil the heating requirements of a larger property. It is capable of running 15 radiators and a tank of hot water. While retaining all the benefits of the existing Herald range.

Clip-in Stainless Steel Boiler Options:

Hunter stoves can be fitted with a clip-in boiler for hot water and central heating. These are listed below with heat output to boiler and the number of radiators they will run plus a tank of domestic hot water (DHW).

               BTU's              No. of Radiators           
  Herald 14 (Flat, Low, High)   23,950   4 + DHW
  Herald 8 (Flat, Low, High)   18,750   3 + DHW
  Herald 6 (Flat, Low, High)   13,600   2 + DHW


All Hunter stoves incorporate:

An Air Wash System:
Their innovative airwash draws air from the top of the stove, heats it up in the central air chamber and then sends it down behind the glass door, creating a screen between the fire and the glass. Smoke or combustion particles do not come into contact with the glass, so you don't need to clean it

Optimum Wood Burning Conditions:
For efficient wood burning the hot 'airwash' is directed down the stove door and into the heart of the wood fire, this ensures complete combustion which helps keep the chimney clean. In a multi-fuel stove the grate is changed to the closed position creating a flat base, this allows the deep bed of ash to build up, the optimum for burning wood. In the wood burning only version the fire is situated on the base of the stove.

Optimum Solid Fuel Burning Conditions:
When burning coal and for easy lighting of the stove the grate is changed to the open position by a single turn of the handle. Air can then be directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire the optimum, conditions for burning solid fuel.

A Dust Free Safe and Easy Riddling System:
By simply moving the riddling tool up and down which moves the grate open and closed the stove riddles safely with the minimum of effort. This is undertaken with the doors closed and is completely dust free.

Safe and Efficient Overnight Burning:
By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout the night. When required, the fire will come to life by simply increasing the airflow into the stove.

CleanBurn Technology
CLEANBURN is their innovative new technology - its not just better for the stoves, it is also better for the environment. The idea behind cleanburn is to maximize combustion, so that more fuel is burnt and less is turned into deposits in the stove, chimney or atmosphere. Their Cleanburn stoves have been proven to have lower emissions, which makes them amoung the most eco-friendly models on the market.

CE Tested and Approved
All the stoves in the Hunter range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements.



The list of extras is extensive: Low/High canopies, Brass Fittings, Multi-fuel/Wood, Double Doors or Single Door the list goes on. See the AccessoriesPage for more details.

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