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What size room do you want to heat?

The heat output of a stove is measured in Kilowatts. The output you require depends on the size of the room to be heated. To calculate the output you require, follow the instructions below: -

1. Multiply Room Length x Room Width x Room Height (measure in metres if possible).

2. If your measurements are in feet and inches multiply the figure by 0.028368 to convert to metres.

3. Divide the figure you have (the space of your room in cubic metres) by 14 (on average 1Kw will heat 14 cubic metres of space).

4. Your final figure is the output you will need from a stove to heat your room. This calculation is only a guide.

Do you want your stove to give you hot water and/or central heating?

To heat domestic hot water and/or central heating you will require a stove with a boiler. This can be either an integral boiler (built into the stove) or a clip-in boiler (fitted to the stove any time).

You will need approximately 10,000 Btu's output to run domestic hot water. You should then allow 3,400 Btu's to heat each average sized single radiator. If the radiator is a double, then double the output needed. Total the outputs to find out what size boiler you require.

What size fireplace do you have?

All the measurements of the stoves can be found on Hunter stoves website or in their brochures and are given in millimetres.

Width - The distance across the front of the stove as you look at it face on. Ensure the stove will fit in the narrowest width of your fireplace if you are using one. It is best if you leave a space around the stove to allow the heat from the sides of the stove to enter the room.

Height - The distance from the top to bottom of the stove.

Depth - The distance from the front to the back of the stove. You should ensure that there is a sufficient hearth in front of the stove to avoid singeing your flooring. If you choose a stove with a rear flue this will add extra depth onto the stove, you need to take this into account.

You should ensure the top (and sides) of the stove is a safe distance from any combustible material such as wooden lintels or beams.

What stoves give off what kW?

  Stove   KW
  Hawk 3 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   3
  Hawk 4 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   4
  Inglenook (multi-fuel)   4
  Herald 4 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   4
  Hawk (Gas) - 3.7kW   3.7
  Herald 6 (Gas) - 4.8kW   4.8
  Herald 6 Inglenook (Gas)   4.8
  Cleanburn 5 (multi-fuel)   5
  Herald 6 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   5 - 7
  Cleanburn 7 (multi-fuel)   7
  Herald 8 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   7 - 11
  Herald 14 (wood burning or multi-fuel)   12 - 16

Where do I find the measurements of the stove?

You can find the measurements of any of the stoves by: -

- Looking on Hunter stoves website,
Select the stove you are interested in and all the measurements will be found in the technical details section.
- Looking in the brochure.

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